Our story

Perdigon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marbleshore (Pty) Ltd. The founding partners of Perdigon have had long and illustrious careers in the grain industry dating back to pre-free market days.

They have jointly built highly successful businesses before and Perdigon carries on this proud tradition. Perdigon is well-capitalised enough to give Producers and Processors the peace of mind they need in good times and bad, while at the same time small and nimble enough to offer personal service and react quickly to changing market conditions.

Our name

Perdigon is named after the famous Spanish Miura bull who became a household name in Spain in the late 1800s after defeating one of the greatest matadors of his generation, Manuel ‘Espatero’ Garcia. This earned Perdigon a permanent place in the Plaza Museum in Madrid. His bloodline embodied strength, agility, intelligence and individualism – qualities which we associate with as a company.

Meet the team